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Cascina Cabasse: officinal cosmetics for daily beauty

Officinal herbs are the main ingredients in a range of products for your beauty and well-being. Cascina Cabasse’s new cosmetic products are just waiting to be discovered.

Cascina Cabasse creates natural fragrances for use in body care, using the officinal herbs grown by the company in the Cabasse area of Ceresole d’Alba, a little village in the Roero district of the province of Cuneo. The company’s founder, Gabriele Prato, tells us: “Our’s is not so much a story as an ongoing project, still to be written”. Established officially in 2018, the Cascina Cabasse brand is the product of a combined passion for the world of officinal herbs and the desire to bring beauty into people’s daily lives, helping them to feel good about themselves and when they are with others, thanks to the responsible use of excellent natural products.

Gabriele continues: “Having studied economics and pursued a freelance career in the financial field, in 2015 I decided to use my professional experience to pursue a dream. This resulted in the planting of a lavender field, which brings back so many childhood and family memories, as well as thoughts of the good practices of the past”. And the evocative value of this fragrance, like those used or soon to be added to the first selection (ranging from cornflower to calendula and chamomile), continues to be the real strength of the range of products.  “Ours is an ethical choice, dictated by our love of and attention to nature, which translates into gentle, safe cosmetics based on respect for nature and eco-sustainability”. This is the explanation behind the desire to link this project to the territory, creating a range of products comprising oils, creams, butters, cleansers, toners, micellar water and eau de parfum for those who want to make their daily skincare routine a moment of pleasure, satisfying all the senses.

“We see cosmetics as a representation of the authentic pursuit of beauty and our declared goal is to scent the lives of those who choose our fragrances and creations with balance and serenity”.  Cascina Cabasse products really are capable of satisfying the most diverse needs, offering everyone the opportunity to experience the great power of officinal herbs and cosmetics.

Goals for the future?  “The story of Cascina Cabasse still has many pages to be written.

Besides publicising our brand, both in Italy and internationally, our dream is to offer our customers a sensory experience, a journey among the flowers and fragrances of the territory that will characterise future cosmetic creations.”

You can set out on that journey today, letting yourself be guided by the fragrances in the catalogue.

Beauty is a discovery within easy reach: seeing is believing!


Original article and interview published in Italian by under “Luoghi d’eccezione” (Exceptional Places), at the following link:

Cascina Cabasse

Cascina Cabasse – Cosmesi officinale – Via San Rocco, 22 – 12040 Piobesi d’Alba (CN) –

Officinal herbs grown in: Ceresole d’Alba (CN), loc. Cascine Cabasse

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