Cascina Cabasse – Cosmesi officinale was established in 2018, inspired by a love of nature and a passion for officinal herbs.

With a small lavender farm in the Cabasse area of Ceresole d’Alba, Cascina Cabasse launched its venture with the desire to share cosmetics created for a beauty routine based on officinal herbs.

Here at Cascina Cabasse, we are convinced that the pursuit of beauty can improve the way we feel about ourselves and our confidence around others.
Cascina Cabasse - La famiglia

The Cascina Cabasse project was launched in 2015 and is based on the direct cultivation of officinal herbs for use in engaging, inspiring and exciting natural cosmetics.

Taking care of nature and pursuing beauty through our cosmetics give us a deep sense of gratification which soothes both body and soul.

We have turned a dream into a journey rooted in the cultivation of lavender and the creation of natural cosmetics using its miraculous essence.

We devote our passion to a wide variety of officinal herbs, so that our cosmetic creations can be shared with all those who believe in the strength and beauty of their dreams.

Cascina Cabasse - Coltivazione lavanda officinale

Cascina Cabasse

Cascina Cabasse – Cosmesi officinale – Via San Rocco, 22 – 12040 Piobesi d’Alba (CN) –

Officinal herbs grown in: Ceresole d’Alba (CN), loc. Cascine Cabasse

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