Good for the environment and good for nature

Cascina Cabasse creates natural fragrances for use in bathing and body care, using officinal or medicinal herbs grown in the Cabasse area of Ceresole d’Alba (CN).

Our cosmetic creations represent who we are, our way of life, our concept of work and our respect for nature.

Respect for nature and eco-sustainability are fundamental and essential values; we believe that it is our job to express ourselves through our products.
Cascina Cabasse is the expression of our world, of who we are. Our range of cosmetics is created using the active ingredients of the officinal herbs and flowers grown in our gardens.

Cascina Cabasse offers creations based on the active ingredients extracted from our own herbs and flowers or from those of other strictly selected growers.

Thanks to the assistance of a highly technological laboratory, we have succeeded in formulating safe, natural cosmetics which represent a perfect fusion between science and nature.

“Beauty is amazing, exciting and inspiring, and it makes you dream.”

Respecting our ethical choices, our aim is to inspire and accompany people in the pursuit of beauty, bringing harmony to their daily lives, with lightness, fun and serenity.

The aim of our fragrances and cosmetic creations is to scent your lives with balance and serenity.

Cascina Cabasse

Cascina Cabasse – Cosmesi officinale – Via San Rocco, 22 – 12040 Piobesi d’Alba (CN) –

Officinal herbs grown in: Ceresole d’Alba (CN), loc. Cascine Cabasse

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