Who do I have to Thank?

Ideas, passion and enthusiasm are fundamental factors, levers that multiply one hundredfold in strength, especially when you want to make a wish and a dream come true.

I must admit that the months leading up to the production and presentation of our products were full of thoughts, efforts, investments, anxieties, joys and satisfactions.

At last the dream has come true.

From the personal desire for freedom, the pursuit of beauty, the passion for officinal herbs, at last all this energy has been translated into something tangible, material, visible and shareable.

Those months of preparation were very intense, and the wait was really rather exasperating. There was always something missing for us to be “ready”.

Eventually we were able to shake off our anxieties and introduce our cosmetic project to the public.

The past months have been extremely busy and full of meetings with people who have made a difference.

I would definitely never have succeeded in making this dream come true on my own.

This is why I feel it is important to thank and acknowledge all those who have participated in some way in the accomplishment of the project.

So a heartfelt thank you to those who have succeeded in expressing the idea in a wave of essential oil enclosed in a clear and simple logo and to those who have translated my inspirations and my project into a graphic and virtual reality that enables us to share our experiences in the best possible way.

Thank you to those who developed the cosmetic formulations and succeeded in encapsulating our love of nature within them, along with advanced technology, guaranteeing safe production and offering a perfect fusion between nature and science.

The many friends who supported and encouraged me during the pursuit of the project, as well as getting their hands dirty during the harvesting and distilling of the lavender, have been absolutely essential. Lavender harvesting is extremely hard work but it’s also an excellent opportunity for sharing and celebrating.

A sincere thank you goes to Fabio Mura, my friend, first and foremost, but also a talented photographer, who immortalised the flowering of our lavender, moment by moment, and then the harvest (website, photos of the lavender field and the harvest). Fabio says that “every shot is an encounter with a story and the chance to tell it”.  And his shots seem to capture the soul of the lavender flower perfectly.

Thanks to the officinal plant experts that I work with and whom I have met along the way, because they put so much passion into their work that it becomes contagious.

And then a big thank you to my parents, who never hesitated to support what was originally a rather bizarre project and got involved in the creation of the first lavender field.

And last, but by no means least, my wife, the brains behind turning the dream from an ideal into reality, who deserves the biggest thank you of all.

Cascina Cabasse

Cascina Cabasse – Cosmesi officinale – Via San Rocco, 22 – 12040 Piobesi d’Alba (CN) – info@cascinacabasse.it

Officinal herbs grown in: Ceresole d’Alba (CN), loc. Cascine Cabasse

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